Valentine's Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the girl you know. Sure, we like to be spoiled rotten and the general vibe for V Day is female orientated, but the guys still need and deserve their air time too. If he’s showing you how much he cares with gifts and dinners, it only seems right you show him how much you care too.

That’s why I’ve combed through the internet to find last minute presents for you to bag to show you appreciate the boy back.  It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts either…sometimes the small things matter more. 

ASOS Monochrome Black Watch £22

London Skyline Architectural Chess Set £80

Newsboy Cap £19.95

CK Pack of 3 Boxers £36

Personalised Wooden Chopping Board £25

Haig Club Whiskey £60

Jack Daniels Honey Fudge £9

Recycled Bass String Guitar Bracelet £22.50


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