Eylure and Elegant Touch S/S ’16 Press Event

Last month was the Elegant Touch Nails and Eylure Lashes press event for S/S 2016. I’ll apologise now for the time it took to post – I was knee deep in the rebrand. I was plus one of blogger mega babe Sophie Hannah Richardson go check out her site she’s incredible.

The venue had been turned into a Spring fate / fair vibe, with a Maypole as the centre piece and bundles of hay as seats. The food was DELICIOUS and served in ice cream tubs with tiny spoons. The whole interior made me desperately want Spring to come round so we can attend actual field fates! 

Serving Prosecco and Bellinis, guests were welcomed by being able to get our nails done and eyelashes in two separate mini bars. I got some amazing Constellation Elegant Touch glue on nails which I was complimented on constantly. What I love about glue on nails is that you don’t have the commitment or the damage of acryllic nails. For someone like me who plays Netball every week, it’s great to be able to put them on when I need and remove when I need also. 

Snaps from the evening:


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