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Being Single on Valentine's Day

The dreaded Valentine’s Day is looming and all singletons everywhere will be running into hiding for 24 hours until the 15th rears its pretty face. But does it always HAVE to strike the fear into the single hearts across the land? Can anyone, taken or not, enjoy Valentine’s Day? I say, fuck yes we can.

The Valentine’s Day Dread (or VDD as I’ve come to call it) happens in the run up to the day for everyone who isn’t happily loved up with a significant other. We expect all restaurants to be booked up, cards over-priced, chocolates doubled in cost and bouquet deliveries already pre-booked and sold out. Meh.To make it worse it’s on a Sunday this year meaning everything will be booked Friday-Sunday evening. There goes our weekend of plans. Might as well stream the movies and hold a stake-out at the apartment until Monday morning. Won’t even wash the hair…who cares. 

But wait, wait a minute! It doesn’t have to be this way. Before you compare Indian and Chinese takeaways in your area, I want to chip in with my annoying optimism for VDD. I think Valentines can actually be a celebration of being single! Yeah, we can be thankful and happy that we’re still unattached and care-free. Whether you’re newly single or it’s been a whileeeee (don’t fret I’m in the latter category too) it’s time to be damn well proud of your single status. 

Firstly, you’re single because you’re holding out for that extra special someone. That takes strength. Remember that you chose not to settle with whatever came along and know that other people in relationships didn’t just settle down, they ‘settled’. You know you want more. That’s worth celebrating.

Secondly, you recognise it didn’t work out with the last relationships because you two had your own issues and obstacles. It’s better to walk away than drag it on or be fearful of being single so stay with the wrong person. It takes balls to be okay with being on your own. You know you deserve more. That’s worth celebrating. 

Thirdly, you have all this spare time to yourself to get your own shit together! Not to mention all the cash you’ve got to spend solely on numero uno. Being single gives you all the tools required to make yourself 100% spot on awesome. That shit is worth celebrating too.

Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of all of the above and more. Rather than shying away, you should be putting yourself out there! Least you not forget, there’s billions of people on this planet and a shit load of them are single too. So if you’re banking on meeting anyone at bars and clubs then actually, this is THE weekend to go out and find them.  You’ll be able to spot the singletons a mile off – anyone in a relationship will be with their partners either indoors or out together. That leaves all the other same sex groups as the bachelors. It’s like a shark in a school of fish…you just need to charge in and take your pick.  Stop dreading the weekend and start planning it!

But if you don’t feel up for going out with your favourite lipstick shade on, then guess what? Staying in is okay too. As long as you’re not staying in and moping but enjoying your time then it’s all good. Get some yummy food, maybe a bottle of vino, buy yourself your favourite chocolates or sweets and chill in front of the TV.  Or, do some reading, painting, some yoga..whatever gets your happy buzz on.  As long as you’re not crying into an empty glass and trolling couples on Twitter, it’s all good by me. 

What you need to bear in mind is that being single is not a negative or a bad trait. V Day doesn’t need to be dreaded it needs to be celebrated. The whole point of Valentine’s Day is to show your loved ones you care, right? Well how about you take the time to show yourself how much you love yourself too. Because at the end of the day that’s who matters most…you loving you. 


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