The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator

Hold the press…there is a new sex toy in town and my word, am I over the moon it exists.  The Womanzier Clitoral Stimulator at Sh! is a super new and unique sex toy that uses suction for AMAZING clit stimulation.  It is genuinely innovative – let me tell you why. 

The design has an ergonomically shaped vacuum seal that is to be placed gently over the clit which it then moulds. With a powerful pulse suction technique, you can then choose from six different vibration methods to deliver pleasure directly to your clitoris. Using this at first felt bizarre, as I am used to vibrators that have the penis mould for replication of penetrative sex. This toy doesn’t even bother with that, and it doesn’t need to. You don’t even have to move this around, you can literally hold it still and the vacuum does all the work for you. Knowing that most of the female pleasure comes from clitoris stimulation, the Womanizer focuses solely on that. I’m shocked in fact that this bad boy wasn’t invented sooner.

So let me just get down to the nitty gritty here…when they call it a stimulator, they’re not lying.  I have only one word for you all…MULTIPLE.  Yes, that’s right. I could barely walk afterwards.  In fact I had to just sit on the sofa and gather my thoughts to find reasons why I still want a man around, because as it stands I think I’m all set without. 

If I had to review this toy in quantative terms, I’d give it a 10/10 on all angles. It’s easy to use with one simple on and off button that also controls the different pulses. It comes in a cute storage case which includes two silicone replacement heads and the required USB cable for recharging.  No batteries needed and you can store it away without any embarrassment in it’s handy case. 

So listen, it costs £129. But can you really put a price on multiple orgasms on tap? I don’t think so. I urge every single female (and those in relationships too of course!) to head out and snap up a Womanizer. You will not regret it, I PROMISE.  You can buy one from the Sh! store in Hoxton Square or online here. And guess what my International readers…Sh! ships worldwide too. WIN. 

*Disclosure, do not blame me if this doesn’t deliver multiple orgasms. I cannot state 100% everyone will get the same outcome as I did. But like, I’m pretty sure it will give you multiple pleasures anyway!


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