Sexpert guest host on BBC’s Radio One ‘The Surgery’

As you may well already have been aware via my social media, Wednesday night was the first ever mid-week show of BBC Radio One’s The Surgery. A two part special, The Surgery was exploring Sex, and all the things you were afraid to ask.

So when I was approached to contribute, the obvious answer was yes!  I’ve never done radio work before and I’ve definitely never done live on air radio, so I was pretty nervous before heading to the studios. What if I accidentally swore?  What if I said something a bit too ‘out there’?  What if my dad is listening and never looks at me the same way again!

If you missed the show, you can still catch up by listening online, click here

Rest assured, as soon as I got into the studio and in front of the mic, I felt completely fine. I mean, the subject in question is something I know an extensive amount on, so I was never concerned that I wouldn’t be able to answer people’s queries or issues. The production team were so awesome and Aled and Dr. Radha made me feel like it was my second home.  In fact, as soon as we were live on air I felt like I’d been doing this all my life.  I had SO MUCH fun on the show.  Knowing we were talking to the nation, answering their calls and imparting knowledge with a real honest response was just amazing. 

Can I just say, it is definitely a bucket list tick off to say I was asked by a national radio show to go talk live on air about anal sex and masturbation.  Definitely earnt my label as Sexpert. 

The feedback from everyone who listened has just been so positive; a really overwhelming response.  So many said it sounded like I was part of the regular show and that it came across as if radio was my normal routine.  So many flattering and wonderful comments, so thank you to everyone who listened in for the hour! And erm, apologies for the somewhat taboo subjects that we tackled head on – but you know me by now I am an advocate of being more open and talking about this kind of subject!

Thank you so much to Radio One for having me.  I hope that it isn’t the first and last time! 


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