Nixalina Does Dinner Date

I starred in episode 4 of series 5 back in 2015 and can I just say…I had A BLAST. The TV crew became instant friends and together we made the filming process less like work and more like fun. Honestly, if you ever thought about applying but wasn’t too sure, then do it. Maybe it is just me but I wasn’t ever nervous at all, just enjoyed every moment. Now, down to the date…

I haven’t ever cooked a 3 course meal, ever. Nor do I cook for first dates. Also, I’d never let a blind date come over to my apartment! No way! But as there was a film crew there I figured I might actually open the door and let the victim, I mean datee, step inside. So, doing as I was told, I cooked ALL DAMN DAY for that boy. And erm, well, the food wasn’t great. I mean, sure, everything was hard and the cupcakes didn’t rise because I used one egg not three, and my original menu was ‘cocktails and canapes’ for starters so I made 3 jugs of cocktails to find out the datee is a tee total..sure. Yes, I drank the cocktails myself. What else was I meant to do? So a few bits here and there went wrong.  

However, the actual date was pretty good fun and I had the best time.  Sure, he wasn’t the brightest spark but he presented himself well and dressed like a true gentleman which I totally appreciated. I said only lovely things to him and about him. But then he said there was no chemistry at all straight after the date and I was like a car crash…a good one though..! WHEN IS A CAR CRASH EVER GOOD!?!

Also, let me point out, he said he was an artist too. So we decided to draw each other in a couple of minutes at the end of the date. Let’s just say the pencil portrait he sketched of me on our date was the worst thing I’ve ever seen since a Victorian circus leader gave a paintbrush to a colour blind frog and said ‘paint something’.  

Anyway, as you’ve seen, I didn’t get the date. I got the ready meal. Yeah, I know. I WAS FRICKING HILARIOUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM! So the crunchy cupcakes didn’t go down well…sure. I was funny though, come on! But it’s totally okay because Will and I hung out the following week anyway and to be honest, he’s a wonderful man but wouldn’t stimulate me long term. Here’s some snaps from the date and screengrabs that make me giggle!


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