MTV EMA Awards 2014

I always seem to get ill right when something awesome is happening.  It is as if my body says ‘Ohhhh you’ve had too much fun this year, you need to just calm the fuck down’ and something kicks in that renders me useless for a few weeks.  So, you can imagine how frustrated / angry / pissed off / upset / all of the above I was that I was too sick to go to the MTV EMA Awards this year.

 Annoyed is an understatement.  The guys at Someone Like Me who sponsored the event invited me as a guest blogger with Red Carpet arrival access and to watch the show with a plus one.  Held in Glasgow this year at the SSE Hydro, there was no way I was physically able to make it.  Boo. Luckily, I was able to send my sister and her partner in my place, so all was not lost.

Someone Like Me, in case you haven’t heard, is a global movement with Durex and MTV that is encouraging people to talk more openly about sex.  So, as you can imagine, I fully support it.  Getting young people to be more conversational about sex will, eventually, lessen the taboos and will offer topics like STDs and safe sex more awareness.  It is actually incredibly important to be more vocal – you’d be surprised at how many myths relating to sex still exist.  Yes, you can get pregnant doing it standing up.  No, HIV is not just a ‘gay thing’.  Yes, many STDS hold no symptoms.  I could go on. 

Someone Like Me reached out to the fans at the 2014 MTV EMA in Glasgow to talk about sex and sexual health. They opened up about sex and told us what they think is missing from sex education in the UK.  Take a look at the ‘living area’ of questions and answers:

My sister said that the award show itself was amazing.  She had such a great time, and by the looks of it they had an awesome time at the after party too. A big thank you to Someone Like Me and Durex for the invitation and for extending it to my sister who took my place.  


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