Forage and Find Jewellery

Almost everything we have today is mass produced and identical, so much so that we crave individuality and uniqueness in our everyday lives. If these are two traits that you are seeking then you should look no further than Forage and Find.

Forage and Find is a delectable treasure trove of gems, jewels and trinket. Opened in 2011 by a mother and daughter creative team, Forage and Find have a dream of designing unique accessories using all things vintage.

The team at this gorgeous little online shop pride themselves on being able to source items from the past and turn them into stunning works of wearable art. Give them anything, a dial from an Edwardian pocket watch, a key from a music box or even a piece from a vintage video game, and they will create something truly individual that you will wear with pride.

Tainted, tarnished and aged metal are an important part of the pieces from Forage and Find, as they add a key element of genuine age and natural wear that only life and bring. And so, no matter who wears the necklace or the ring, we can carry a little bit of its past life with us too.

Now, I spent rather a long time scrolling through the Forage and Find website, and I am not ashamed to admit that after 10 minutes, my mental shopping list consisted of… every single piece on the page.

By Megan Crehan


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