Focus Movie Premiere

I’ll just put it right out there now: the film is epic, Margot Robbie is stunning and Will Smith must be a robot because the dude never ages. Wednesday night saw hoards of crowds quite literally gather at the Vue, West End, for the UK premiere of Smith’s new movie Focus. Release date is Feb 27th and I was one of the lucky little monkeys who got to attend. 

After walking the red carpet we got shown to our seats, had a fun demonstration from a guy on what con artists can really do (it’s all about diverting attention!) and then Will and Margot came in to have a chat before the movie started. I was genuinely on the edge of my seat throughout the movie. The last prem I attended the film was so pony I wanted to walk out but I couldn’t because I thought Denzel Washington would take it personally. With Focus I didn’t even want to tun to the loo in case I missed anything. I highly recommend it as a decent watch.

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Watch trailer here:


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