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Flirty Shades of Surf

A spicy survey from ‘Flirty Shades of Surf’ investigates top turn-ons… and turn-offs, discovering that clean sheets are the ultimate turn on for Brits.

Research which delves deep into the sex habits of Brits has been launched today, with surprisingly naughty and fantastically fun results. The spicy survey from Surf laundry detergent shows that it’s not candles, chocolate or a meal out which will be most likely to turn on your other half – but unexpectedly it’s clean sheets! 7 in 10 (65%) of women say that they are more likely to have sex with their partner when their bed sheets are clean, so in response to this saucy revelation, Surf has launched this fall its naughtiest detergent yet, ‘Flirty Shades of Surf’.

Not only are women more likely to have sex if the sheets are clean, but the smell of clean sheets also features in the list of ultimate turn-ons to get her in the mood:

1. Fresh, clean bed linen (49%)

2. The smell of aftershave or perfume (41%)

3. Delicious food and drink (34%)

4. A scented hot bubble bath (32%)

As well as turn-ons, the research investigates turn-offs – and it’s smelly or dirty bed linen which is officially the biggest turn-off, with over half (52%) citing this as their greatest mood killer. Other turn-offs include noisy house guests or children (51%), dirty socks and laundry lying around (39%), an untidy house (30%) and unflattering lighting (19%).

Sexpert Nixalina Watson (yes, that’s me, sticking my opinion in every now and again!) said on the research, “A freshly made bed and clean sheets will always aid the sexual appetite between a couple, due to the fact that you feel more comfortable, cosy and cleaner in a newly made bed than you do in dirty sheets. Sexual arousal is intrinsically linked to our touch and smell sensors, so it makes sense that our biggest turn-ons are clean sheets and the smell of a boudoir perfume.”

Surf Brand Manager, Katy Holder, says: “Surf is all about embracing a bit of cheek (no pun intended) and passion, so we are delighted to hear how much clean sheets turn the nation on! Our brand new, limited edition detergent ‘Flirty Shades of Surf’ makes clothes sparklingly clean, whilst the scent is inspired by the latest ‘boudoir’ trend in fragrance. Perfect for bedrooms across the country… enjoy!”

The new ‘Flirty Shades of Surf’ has a gorgeous new fragrance guaranteed to set senses tingling. The unique blend of alluring rose, a hint of jasmine and infusion of spicy sandalwood is sure to give both a brilliant clean and add a touch of naughtiness to the nation’s sheets this season. For more information visit and discover more about Surf’s new fragrance. 


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