Facts vs Fiction of “The Crazy Girl”

Listen, and listen good. I do not, on any level, agree with the term ‘crazy’ at all, but for the widely used phrase, I’ll accept it is to denote a girl who is obsessing on a man to the level she appears mentally unstable. The crazy girl – she’s a spitfire that one.

She’s the one we all fear to be labelled. She’s the mysterious ex of your new flame, and you avoid speaking of her because he just tells you she was a complete psycho. The crazy girl is the one no man will settle down with. Her actions are somewhat unbelievable – you often wonder why she got past the first date in the first place? Ahhh don’t be fooled, she hides her true personality until the relationship is secure and then BAMN she lets go the crazy. And heaven forbid the relationship ends…that is like a red flag to a bull. She unleashes the beast. You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, because she really will stalk you and find you. You think you can get lost in London? You were wrong again my friend.

BUT, and this is a big ass but, in fact it’s bigger than my big ass and that is a big ass, there are plenty of women labelled with this crazy girl status and they are in fact NORMAL. Many many many girls, once dumped, are then referred to as the crazy ex. Why? Because it is easier for men to ignore their wrong doings and blame her unhinged state of mind, rather than accepting their own actions that caused her to change from a loving partner to an insecure wreck. After all, it takes two to fall in love, and two to fall out of love. Have you ever wondered why so many guys you date all seem to have a crazy nutter in their past? Can all these women be real nutters? It’s doubtful. Most just got that label for the dude’s conscience to clear. I’m so not down with that boys.

So here I am, finally, addressing this issue and unraveling ALL of the mysteries behind the crazy ex status. I’ll investigate what is fact, what is fiction, what actions can be accepted as crazy and what are just normal heartbroken stages. I’ll be referencing a few other articles I have found online, during my research, and either dispelling or confirming their check list too.

Crazy? Hell No.

If she lost her shit after you cheated, this is normal. Erm, you went behind her back, you stuck your dick in another woman and then blame her for feeling anger / distraught / more anger / revengeful against you? Dude… wake the hell up. Be a man, grow a pair of bollox and accept you were way out of line, and her feelings are perfectly okay for what you’ve put her through.

None of her kids have the same second name. Mentioned here. I get the point, but no. This may just mean, she set up to have a life with a man, gave him a child, and he screwed her over and left her for the younger secretary. How that makes her at fault and crazy is beyond me.

Into new age nonsense. Mentioned here. Because she is into crystals and healing and loves the Earth etc has no reference to her being crazy. Please.

If you disappear all night. Listen yeah, if you just go ghost on her when you were due home by 11pm, and you wake up to a fair few texts and missed calls, this doesn’t make her mental, it makes her mortal. You wouldn’t be overly happy if the shoe was on the other foot, so try a little empathy please.

Crazy girls have crazy sex. Mentioned here. This seems like a common opinion. Oh how wrong this is. It is in fact usually the quiet ones that hide their kinky colours. If you’re into kinky shit in bed, it’s because you’ve embraced your sexuality, not because you’re a nutter.

Crazy girls will tend to have a variety of different interests, a plethora of skills, and social abilities. Mentioned here. Who even wrote this? I mean, come on! I can paint, I play Netball, I blog, I write, I read, I like archery, pole dancing, roller skating, WW1 literature, this doesn’t automatically mean I am a psycho with men. It means I love my life and do lots of things to fulfil it. If you don’t have a variety of interests then quite frankly you’re as boring as hell and I wouldn’t want to be around you.

Once admitted to cyber stalking you. Omg can we just accept we ALL do this. Even just browsing their profile photos is stalking online – you’re having a wee peek at some of their past memories and images. It’s not major anymore, everyone does it just no-one talks about it.

Being too available too soon. Trust me, dudes are also like this! I am often on the receiving end! That is why this belongs in the not crazy category, because guys fall foul to this behaviour as much as girls do. It is just in the initial over-excitement when you think you’ve found someone special, you go a bit over the top. It’s off putting, sure. But it isn’t crazy behaviour. It is human behaviour. 

Goes through your phone. Tricky this, because it is invasion of privacy but, if you’re shady and giving her reasons to doubt you, that phone becomes way too tempting not to try prove you right or wrong.  It is too much, but, both sexes are faulty to a sneaky phone check. So I say, not crazy.

Girls who love horses – they’re essentially rich cat ladies. Mentioned here. Oh shut up.

Crazy? Absolutely. Run Away, Fast. 

If she breaks your stuff on purpose to upset you. Who even does that?

If she kills your pet.  Send that bitch’s details my way and I’ll handle her for you. Nobody will touch an animal under my watch. 

Fucks your best mate then tells you about it. That’s crazy and childish all rolled into one. Well rid my friend.

Physically stalks you. Mentioned here. Okay I’ll admit this is very different to cyber stalking and is not cool. You’re meant to be his partner not his overbearing parent.

Excessive calling and texting. Mentioned here. When we say excessive we’re talking multiple voicemails, countless calls and endless texts within a few hours. It’s too much and it screams insecurity. You need to let that boy go and have his own life.

The trifecta. Mentioned here. Nobody likes her, she has no friends and her family doesn’t even like her. Yeh this would ring serious alarm bells for both sexes.  If even her family do not like her, you have to wonder why right?  I’d steer clear. 

Ensures you delete all your social media or minitors it and questions your ‘liking’ or ‘following’ daily. Wow.  Dude, you’re not in a partnership, you’re in a prison. True love requires trust, and trust means she doesn’t give a crap about your social media behaviour, because she trusts you. Trust is the key here.  The social media issue just means there’s an issue in the relationship. 

Drama. Mentioned here. The more “normal” a girl is, the less drama you’ll get from her, provided you keep things relatively stable and don’t go punching holes in her view of the world. With a crazy girl, you’re going to have drama no matter what you do – be too stable, and she’ll get bored with you much faster than a normal girl will; be too unstable, and she’ll crack. Okay I’ll give them this one, it is true. Normal girls, or plain Janes as I call them, do not bring the drama tornado with them.  Crazy girls do appear to have a familiarity with drama. 

If she immediately best friends your mum. Suspicious in my eyes. That shit isn’t not cute, it’s controlling. 

Complete personality change.  Mentioned here. This is the worst thing, in my eyes, when girls transform into someone completely different in order to try be the girl they think their guy wants. Firstly, where’s your dignity at, you wet fish?  Secondly, if he wanted to date himself, he’d just look in the mirror and wank. He chose you for you, why then morph into someothing else?  If he always chirps on about blondes but you’re brunette…tell him to go do one and find a blonde then. If he wants you to have bigger tits, stick a couple of watermelons down your bra then smash them both over his head. Your self love and self respect will always out weigh your man. Savvi? Good. 

If her car is always parked outside your house, even when she’s not with you.  Run dude, run. 


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