DIY Nails

When I saw DIY Nails on my twitter feed, I knew two things. Firstly, that I had to follow them. Secondly, that I had to have some. My obsession for hand art has resurfaced with the Spring sunshine and I am currently adorning my fingers and hands with gold and silver body transfers.  But what I was missing was nail art. And no, I don’t want the bog standard hand drawn nail art you get at the salons. I want the gold and silver motifs to continue onto my nails too. That’s where DIY Nails stepped in. 

These bad boys are fun, funky and super easy to use.  They react with water so you just leave them to soak for 5-10 seconds before overlaying on your dry polish. A quick top coat finish later and voila! They can even be used for the rest of the body or face too, so you can get creative (perfect for festival season). These are particularly amazing because you can be as creative as you wish; it’s all you.  You get to work out what base colour you want, if any, what transfer you want where or how many to use. The world is literally your nail art oyster. They have a hoard of sheets to choose from and most sheets have up to 100 motifs so you’ll get plenty of usage.  Take a look at some of my favs:


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