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Dating Tales by

Online dating giants have launched a campaign ‘Dating Tales’.  They want to hear from you lovely lot, about whatever funny / disastrous / amusing / ridiculous / scary good or bad dates that you have experienced!

It’s pretty simple to do, just click on the link and submit your story, and who knows you might be featured (anonymously!) on their Twitter feed and social media. Ideally, keep it short and sweet under 140 characters so it can be easily tweeted.

See above my dating tweet and here’s my full dating tale: 

I met this guy when he was working behind the bar and I, propped up against it. He had the cutest smile and I had time to kill so I just sat there, drinking away my money and chatting to him. When it came to leave, I asked him for his number and luckily he gave it to me! Anyway, a few texts back and forth later and we agreed to go on a date together to have some dinner.

He was the perfect gentlemen. He turned up on time, waited by the car and opened the door for me as I climbed in. Ladies always clock such actions as these – they may be small but they’re significant! Conversation was effortless and he made me giggle lots, which is always a great sign. After a few cocktails and a main course, I excused myself and headed to find the ladies bathroom. I mean, I did need a wee but mainly I just wanted to check I didn’t have herbs stuck all in my teeth, as you do. I came back to the table, sat down and my phone was flashing up so I knew someone had text me. I check it and….it’s him. My date, sitting opposite me?

“Erm, why have you text me when I’m right here?” I smile and his face looks utterly shocked.

“I haven’t text you?” he looks extremely puzzled. So I read the text and I think the look on my face instantly explained to him what had happened. The text read:

“Alright mate, nah I’m just out at dinner atm can call you tomorrow. With this chick who’s got an amazing rack and decent face too.”

So, it seems, he had meant to text his mate but instead accidentally sent it to me. I burst out laughing and he went bright red, but was relieved that I saw the funny side! “Amazing rack yeah? So you’ve been looking south of my eyes then?” I giggled, and he just hung his head in shame. He was mortified but it made my night. Least it was all positives – if he’d been bitchy about me it would have ended the date before dessert!

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