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Anna Sui is the girly of girly brands.  When I think of Anna Sui I think of one word; enchanting. I always conjure up this image in my head of fairies in some magical woodland. With that in mind, you can just picture my face when I received goodies from their cosmetics collection. Oh my word. Everything is beyond beautiful. Actual.

What Anna Sui do that not many other beauty brands can, is focus their attention on both the quality of the product as well as thr packaging. The designs are so stunning you almost do not want to use it in case you ruin it! I received their Lipstick V in shade 303, Lipstick G in shade 50, Protective Lipgloss in shade 303 and the length and separation mascara. Basically, I got spoilt rotten. 

All available to buy on or, each item seems to have been lovingly made to perfection. I cannot even pick my favourite. I’ll have to just tell you about all of them it seems! The products are of the higher price range but are worth every single penny, I assure you. 

Lipstick V £23

These lipsticks contain the most colorant in any of Anna Sui previous lip products. The Fix Oil smoothes out any uneven areas on the lips as well as creating a cosmetic film that clings to the lips. They also contain melting Moist Oil that melts at body temperature and allows the lipstick to blend easily on the lips. Not to mention the uber cool star shape. Win. 

Protective Lip Gloss £18

This lip gloss contains plump oil to ensure complete coverage, as well as honey to ensure hydration all day. It also protects your lips from the harmful UV rays and sun damage…yay! The colour is so rich and feels gerat when applying, I love it. 

Length & Separation Mascara £19

The slim and curved brush of this mascara fits into the tiniest corners of your eye, allowing to really lift and lengthen your natural lashes. With two different types of fibres, it has one to coat the root of the lash and one to attach the end.  This allows your lashes to be super thick and long.  Why choose one when you can have both? With quick dry powder to boot, the mascara will not dry out or clump. Horray. 

Rose Hair Shampoo £12

Designed to gently cleanse and condition the hair, Rose Hair Shampoo has a feminine Rose aroma which entices the senses whist the lathering formula creates a rich, thick foam to eliminate all traces of dirt and impurities from the hair


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