30 myths everyone thinks when they hear ‘Bondage’

I’ve been in this business for years and I’ve been into bondage for even longer. Social boundaries? I don’t have any. So people’s initial reactions always amuse me when I discuss bondage or dominant and submissive concepts of the bedroom. Admit it, you thought it! 

1. If you like bondage you’re sick in the head.

2. If it were me I’d use those handcuffs only to take you to the police station myself.

3. Isn’t bondage code for ‘we’re actually all freaks’?

4. Sorry but, being peed on isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

5. So wait, you choose to be in pain? You want to be hurt? Wait…what?

6. Clearly, she’s just making excuses because he’s an aggressive arsehole.

7. Try put me in a hog tie…just you try it mate!

8. If you’re dominant in real life, you clearly like dominating in the bedroom too. No brainer.

9. Bondage is only for those who are shit in the bed to begin with.

10. Men who dominate are just on power trips and need to go take a good look in the mirror.

11. Once you start, this is a slippery slope ain’t it. Next thing you know, you’re in public walking on all fours with a lead and collar.

12. If he tried to choke me on purpose with his penis he wouldn’t get any dinner that week.

13. Bondage = I like anal but won’t admit it out right.

14. I know a great counsellor that can sort this all out for you…

15. So lemme get this straight…you have to safe word out or it carries on? WHAT KIND OF A GAME IS THAT.

16. I wonder how many people died during this kind of crap.

17. Thank goodness I have a normal sex life filled with normal sex.

18. If you like to be a submissive in the bedroom then you need to grow a backbone in life.

19. You’ve clearly been watching way too much porn.

20. What a whore.

21. Nipple clamps are the work of the devil.

22. Must be because he was knocked around when he was 5. Bet money on it. Always stems from childhood. 

23. You’re the kind of people that join cults.

24. Bondage only occurs when you’re bored of your relationship.

25. I’d love to be choked until I couldn’t breathe too. KIDDING I’D PUNCH YOU.

26. It’s all just one broken human venting out onto another broken human.

27. You only like bondage now Fifty Shades of Grey exists. Loser.

28. If you want to stick hooks in me and hang me from the ceiling, that’s assault my good friend.

29. Pfft, bet it isn’t even real bondage. It’s just a blindfold and fluffy cuffs on the side.

30. I will never ever ever ever ever try bondage. Okthanksbye.


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