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The ‘Golden Era of Hollywood’ or the ‘Golden Age’ was a time from early 1930’s to late 1950’s where films were issued by Hollywood studios, and actresses (and actors too) became world-wide starlets. ‘The Jazz Singer’ released in 1927 is commonly deemed the start of this era, allowing Warner Bros to increase theatres off the back of its success.

Fear not, this isn’t some film and media history lesson, I’m all about the superstars including Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly who made this era feminine, sassy, sexy and beautiful. Not just by their set curled hair or perfectly formed ruby red lips – but the fashion.

I’m focusing mainly on 40’s – 50’s styling, in that the fashion back then was all about dressing the curves with a modesty that was also sexy, sophisticated and glamorous. The ultimate females, these ladies were idols to women and icons to men and did it all with class and dignity. Audrey Hepburn was beautifully skinny, Monroe was stunningly curvy but much bigger size wise than Hepburn, proving that the 50’s fashion is flattering on all shapes. I genuinely believe it’s all been pretty down-hill since then, and the modern-age ‘fashion’ has strayed too far off the female track.

These ladies did not run around clubs wearing too-tight body-con dresses that their breasts spill out, dresses that barely cover the foo-foo and when you bend over the bar gets greeted by your pink thong. They didn’t fake tan until they were orange, or clip in hair extensions every time they want to pop to the shops. I’m so bored of ‘Essex’ fashion spilling into the West End or seeing girls looking more fake than a Rolex watch bought in Asia (in fact the fake Rolex is probably more convincing than the fake girls I see). In fact, I just need to shout:

What has happened to being ‘feminine’?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the socially acceptable trouser wearing woman of today, but we’ve lost the class we once had. The more orange the better, the more slutty the better – since when were these rules implemented into our city? You can’t swing a fake LV tote without knocking over a girl who looks like she’s a wannabe WAG on a poor dude’s salary. And I’ve had enough.

I know for a fact too, that I am not alone. Every guy I’ve ever quizzed about this topic will always say, that the more ‘natural’ girl is better. In fact many of my exes moaned about my make-up or tiny boob-tube dresses but I’d always ignore them and insist I’ll never be a ‘plain jane’. In fact, what they were trying to explain is that when women cover up, they’re actually more attractive and definitely sexier, if done in the right way. And sod the men, the 50’s fashion makes YOU feel more feminine, act and walk more feminine and thus make you feel just a bit sexier on a day-to-day basis. I got into a bit of a slump recently (we all do it) wearing my studded creepers, leggings and some baggy tee and I then wondered why I don’t feel as sexy as I once did. I feel the fashion industry is now all about what can trump the last collection – when one designer goes far out, the other must become more weird and ‘look at me’ with their designs and then suddenly you’ve got people dressing like they’ve stepped out of Tokyo animations. It’s cool, quirky and expressive but more often than not, it’s a far cry from the feminine women that our ancestors were. The ladies of the 50’s, in my humble opinion, got it spot on. And yes, I am taking my own advice from my sudden epiphany – the nose ring has been taken out, the Ferrari red hair is now dyed back to brunette and I already feel better.

The feminine 50’s style has key points; accentuated waist, skirt or dress that is to the knees or below, figure hugging and material that is ‘kind’ to the wiggle. A wiggle dress, akin to a pencil skirt, is defined by a dress whose hem is narrower than the hip, giving the female shorter ‘wiggle’ strides as they walk. This doesn’t denote being uncomfortable or walking like a pigeon – modern wiggle dresses especially are made of stretchy material that are comfortable from the office all day to the bar. The wiggle dress is a flawless wardrobe addition that will always get you attention, in the right way. Plus, you’ve actually probably already seen a wiggle dress on TV; the fashion brand ‘Hybrid’ have created many modern wiggle dresses and are often seen on TOWIE, proving that being attractive and sexy doesn’t mean having shorts up your arse and a crop top, nor does it mean you HAVE to be into your retro or vintage looks to pull it off. 

The Wiggle Dress will give an hour-glass figure to even the most athlete body types. An hour glass figure is the ultimate feminine ‘body type’ that the majority of modern women desire, so a dress style that offers you this must be a plus! I have around 5 Hybrid dresses now and wherever I wear them, I’ll get stared at. Granted Nix you have a big ass and a smaller waist, I hear you say, but that doesn’t mean they won’t suit you too. Trust me on this one. Most new-age and retro wiggle dresses will have clinching seam detailing and cut and double-lined bodice section that quite literally makes your waist smaller. Think about the sexy appeal of the burlesque dancers, then make it appropriate attire for the office day and you’ve got yourself a wiggle dress.

But it’s not just the wiggle dress, it’s the whole package. Lose the fake tans; the only guys who love a girl when she is bright orange and fake up to the eyeballs are the kind of guys you don’t really want to be around anyway. And no guy, I am positive on this, likes to see a girl stumble drunk out of a club with her knickers on view and a nipple poking over the top of her too-tight dress. You don’t need to be in high heels or dresses 7 days of the week, but I’m just asking for a slight alternation of mindset for what is ‘attractive’ and ‘sexy’. With so much inspiration from our past icons, you’ve got ample to base your own style on. It wasn’t called the ‘Golden Era’ for nothing!

Here’s some inspiration I found on the internet for you:



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