Get Hitched this Christmas

If you’re tired of Tinder and pissed off with Plenty of Fish, then this is the app you need to download. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get hitched just before Christmas? Nothing beats the cold outside than staying in and snuggling with your hot partner. I can’t really promise to deliver your soul mate within a week but I CAN suggest a step in the right direction with dating app Hitch

Launched only last year, Hitch is a dating app with a difference. Based on the idea that most people meet their forever love via mutual friends, Hitch used that concept and turned it into a dating app that lets you meet your friends of friends from the comfort of your smartphone. 

Since the launch it’s had some awesome new facelifts, which include these funky features:

Signing Up

You no longer need an invite code or even a Facebook profile to join the gang on Hitch. You can sign up simply using your phone number and they can find your mutual friends when you connect your contact book. EASY!


Scroll through and discover the wonderful range of friends and people around you. This screen will show your friends on the app as well of friends of friends. This is a visual representation of the wonderful Hitch community we are building together.

If you don’t know many people on the app, don’t panic! As if by magic, they show you some cool and interesting people around you. You can then decide to introduce them to one of your friends, or ask to be introduced to them by sending a Meet request to a friend, all by using your contact book. 


Meet allows you to signal your interest in someone, and ask a friend for an introduction. Found someone interesting on Discover? Send a Meet suggestion to one of your mutual connections or contacts so they can introduce you! They will receive a Hitch suggestion in their inbox, and then it’s up to them to introduce you.


Hitch allows you to introduce two people. When you find someone for a friend, connect them with a Hitch suggestion. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


Continue growing your social circles by chatting with everyone you’ve been introduced to in their new and improved messaging platform. You’ll be able to see who introduced you two as well as their profile, and all your mutual connections.

Sign up today, for free, and who knows, you may actually be hitched this time next year! I’ll be sending you all good luck and love for the new year!


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