The Grange Hotels Polo Challenge Trophy Final 2014

I had no idea why, and I still don’t, but a lovely gentleman who I’ve known for a couple of years decided I would be a fitting plus one for the Polo.  A regretful choice on his part I am sure.  Invited to the annual Grange Hotels Polo Challenge Trophy Final 2014, he asked me to accompany him for the day and of course I said yes. I did explain that I am a Kent girl at heart and I have a disorder where I can’t turn down free champagne… but he just laughed and said that’s a good enough reason to go. At least I laid my shit bare prior to the event.

So Friday 6th June saw us all gather at Ham Polo Club in Richmond, Surrey, attending this lavish event. The Grange Hotels is a luxury chain collection of the most beautiful hotels in London, and they throw a Polo event to thank all of their clients, friends and general ‘wealthy and wonderful’ people.  I am in none of the aforementioned three categories, more’s the pity.

I am not often intimated by situations, in fact I am renowned for having the innate ability of swanning into any room or venue and acting like I own the place.  But when we arrived at this extensive Polo pitch with a huge white marquee and immaculately dressed waiters handing out flutes of champagne…I did get a bit nervous.  I half hid behind him and just looked around, taking it all in. Dressed in a poka dot black and white jumpsuit with a black fascinator in my hair and red lips to finish, I was unsure whether I’d fit right in or stick out like a sore thumb.  My red nails were from Devine Nails who made these for me and shipped them sharpish to arrive in time for the big day. What a beaut! I need not have worried so much with my attire though. I was complimented throughout the day on my attire and after I posted a few photos to social media I had many comments of: “You look so very Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman”.  Not the look I was going for but a nice reference all the same.  Not the hooker bit, I mean, the pretty Polo outfit bit…obviously.

The day was amazing.  I had literally the best time.  As soon as you arrive you’re handed champagne and it keeps pouring, quite literally, until you leave.  We scarpered around 6 30pm so you can imagine just how drunk I was.  I think my partner had to pull me away from a group of merchant bankers as I told them tales of my dating life and woes of the men out there.  Yes, I got so drunk.  But yes, it was totally worth it.  We watched the Polo and I attempted to keep up with what was going on whilst also being slightly concerned that the horses were not injured.  Canapes were circulating and he tried to get me to indulge in one or two but I defiantly shouted that I would eat only when the elephants are free.  Like I said, I’m sure it was a regretful decision for him to request my company!

Around 1pm it was a break for lunch where we were all shown to the tables, plied with more drink and wine and able to help ourselves to the buffet.  Well, this buffet held almost every single variant of fish or seafood under the sun.  Plates of lobster, salmon, prawns, then prosciutto, beef, and some amazing salads too.  Not much for a vegatarian though.  I of course had two plate fulls because, by this point I was drunk enough to want food and it looked so good it would be rude not to eat it all. Yes, I am well aware the elephants are not yet free but, after a morning of champagne refills if I didn’t eat I would have been dragged out of the place. Then the afternoon was the same as the morning – more drinking, another Polo match and some more chilling out.  Literally…the best day ever. 


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