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Behind the Scenes with Rimmel London

In case you don’t know yet, Rimmel London bi-annually (to tie in with LFW) ask me to present the ‘Get the Look’ video campaign for them (in conjunction with my agency Glam UK), in which I am the Make-up Artist teaching you lovely ladies at home how to re-create certain looks.
It’s always a long day in the studio, but so much fun and the videos are usually pretty fabulous.  My model changes with each season and this time I had the lovely Amelia Calley, who has a wonderful porcelain complexion and fiery red hair. It’s always good to experiment with make-up and especially now Rimmel London are launching their new shades and ranges (26th September is the official launch date!) it was great to find colours that suited Amelia’s tones – Rimmel had a foundation to match her pale skin exactly.  The three looks we went for this time were:

  • Natural Look.  
  • Date Look/English Rose
  • Dramatic Party Look

With the natural look, I spent most of the time on the base, ensuring she had a flawless finish.  I then used one of Rimmel’s new waterproof eyeliners in Taupe – a shade that was in keeping with the natural theme but still gave an outline to her eyes. Don’t assume my lovelies, that ‘natural’ means no make-up; you can still accentuate your features whilst keeping a fresh feel.  This look is finished off with clear lipgloss, as standard!

The date look was the second to create – Amelia has the most amazing lips so after I did her base, I used one of the new lipstick shades (110) from Kate Moss’s Velvet Matte collection (to be released this month ladies!).  It was a bright peach shade: warming, flirty and feminine.  I added a slick of black eyeliner and lots of mascara to add to the ‘flirt feminine’ feel; a look we all like to work on a date night.  Lashes need to be thick and long so we can flutter them at our new potential datee!

Finally, the dramatic party look was the most fun!  Now, I’m pretty sure many porcelain or pale girls with light blonde or ginger hair would shy away from heavy eye make-up, thinking it will make them look over-done or just too full on.  This is not the case!  For Amelia, I re-created the iconic smoky eyes trend but using blues shades and light pink as a highlighter, rather than black as this might have appeared too harsh.  The eyeshadows were easy to blend and high pigmented in colour which is a must when doing heavy eyes. It looks amazing!  I’d say, always try something new – worst case scenario you can take it off and go back to your usual routine.  Amelia loved her dark blue smoky eyes so much she left the studio still sporting the look!

Final Date Look:

Final Party Look:

The ‘Get the Look’ tutorial videos will go live on the Rimmel London UK  page within the next couple of weeks, and I will also post them on here for you to see a step by step guide on how I created these looks.  Hopefully, you’ll all love them too.  Big thank you to Glam Media UK and Rimmel London for continually asking me to do these and more for making the day so much fun.


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