Behind the Scenes with Rimmel London Cosmetics

So for the third time now, Rimmel London have asked me to be one of the resident Make-up Artists for the ‘get the look’ video campaigns.  These videos are designed to teach you lovely ladies at home, how to recreate top beauty looks and key trends, from the comfort of your own home.
When I say that it can be super easy to get professional results, I do mean it!  Hopefully, the videos will be easy to follow as I try to make each step clear and quick, delivering tips and tricks that will leave you looking fresh and cute all day long.  As we only filmed a few days ago, the videos are in the editing process so this is a cheeky ‘behind the scenes’ feature.

With my gorgeous model Gemma Gregory, who has a bone structure Aphrodite would be jealous of, I decided to create 5 key looks using Rimmel products:

  • Kate Moss spring lipstick collection.  With new shades and a new campaign, Kate Moss’ lipstick range for Rimmel have been a massive hit and so I based an entire look around a fuchsia pink shade.
  • Summer Beach Look using 1000 Kisses Lip Tint.  These lip tints are amazing, they genuinely stay on all day and come complete with lip balm to keep your lips moisturised, perfect for long beach days.
  • Wake Me Up Fresh Look.  The wake me up foundation and concealer works wonders for us gals on the go who don’t have time to sleep properly after hectic parties and long days at work.  
  • Iconic Brit Look.  This was the most fun!  I decided to nod towards the Jubilee and Olympics to create a Punk look using blue, pink and white shades from the ‘Union Jack’ palette.
  • Pastel Pretty.  Pastel shades are a big hit this season (in case you haven’t noticed the shades smothering high street stores) so I used two shades of pastel for Gemma’s nails, then also for the eyes and lips. Pretty!

The whole day at the studio is always so full on, we start super early and I have to have a camera and hot lights shoved in my face all day long, trying not to laugh as Gemma pulls a face or I mess up what I’m trying to say…or Lisa from Glam UK hovers in the background making us all giggle.  Aside from the videos, I love doing this campaign in particular because we do all have so much fun and the whole crew are awesome.  Fingers crossed the final clips are wicked too!  

Here are some sneaky peek photos from behind the scenes:

Pastel Pretty:

Punk Chic:

Summer Beach:


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  1. Anonymous
    May 20, 2012 / 1:56 pm

    You're both so stunning.

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