Backstage at ITV This Morning

I am a lucky girl.  I get to do some awesome things and invitations to some amazing events…but one particular invitation has been, in my eyes, the best so far.  Ruth Langsford, who I met at the Leo Bancroft and Tesco launch party, invited me down to the ITV This Morning studios to watch the show backstage, be a part of the morning’s antics and interview her as a successful career woman, presenter, wife and mother.
 I was over the moon!  It’s not often an opportunity like this comes along, so I am very grateful to have been asked and to find out Ruth is a fan of Sex and London City.  So Friday morning I took my butt down to the studios where everyone makes you feel so welcome, and after chilling on the sofa with Ruth before the show goes live, I grabbed a coffee and hung out behind the scenes to watch the magic unfold!

With her husband and co host Eamonn Holmes by her side, Ruth effortlessly delivers her lines and works the camera with ease and style.  What I loved to see was how natural both are, together and individually, when the camera is rolling.  Eamonn cracked me up when, during a live link to LA, he says ‘I nearly lost my life interviewing Britney Spears she was that dull’. He doesn’t mince his words! It is live, so anything can happen! But that is definitely part of the charm and why we all love to watch them. 

We had sensitive stories from the guests, scary stories, thought provoking stories and funny stories from the comedy duo off of ‘Very Important People’.  Then there is the fashion section, and the cookery in which, after the camera stopped, I got to grab a spoon and got tucked in to the dessert alongside guest Angela Griffin.  It was delicious!  Although I put the spoon immediately back down when told there was around 4000 calories in it…step away from the cake at 11am!

Having met the cheeky Matt Johnson many times before (he attended my first ever LFW party for Sex & London City), I chilled out in ‘the Hub’ with him for a bit and got to see how the social media and comments from viewers gets streamed in directly to the show, so Matt can read out people’s opinions from the morning.  Everyone here is so efficient, and what was great to see is how much the whole crew clearly loves being there.  I was greeted constantly with smiles, and Ruth made sure I was introduced to everyone, made to feel so welcome and generally had an awesome morning.  I have nothing but amazing things to say about her, Eamonn and the whole show in general.  

Interview with Ruth yet to come, so stay tuned to read because it is insightful, intelligent and fun!


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