Sex & London City does Take Me Out!

As most know by now, I was on the latest series 3 of dating ITV TV show ‘Take Me Out‘. Considering we filmed back in November, it’s been a difficult run keeping it a secret!  Appearing on the final 13 and 14 shows, I cannot tell you how much FUN the whole experience has been!  Apart from having a laugh on set and playing the actual game…what made TMO such a brilliant time were the people I met along the way.

You can imagine putting 30+ young excitable girls into a studio and hotel together all day will be asking for trouble, but I genuinely loved most of them and we all were in the same boat, so welcomed the new girls and shared tips etc.  I got to meet the TMO lads properly at the reunion weekend in Wales, and this was an immense party weekend of epic proportions (we made front page news, THAT is the mark of a decent bash!).  I didn’t come away from the mansion with a new ‘love’ or beau but with a shit load of amazing boy mates who I love like a brother.  Most of that reunion weekend was sitting around having hugs, discussing decent topics and watching stupid movies like Shrek…that’s when we weren’t drunk.  Honestly, the Take Me Out contestants from the whole series are just wicked people and I am so very glad I was a part of it.  

I need to give a big shout out to some of my special ones: Party Marty for being my constant smile, Bambos for kerbing his car with me in it, Greig for taking me to lunch and making me giggle, Rob who nearly killed us both in his hot wheels on route to Wales, David for throwing me into the pool with my Viv Westwood’s on, Oba for being hungover & pathetic & accepting my cup of coffee, Lee for being the perfect gent, Matt for being the general comedian and Renny for his chilled out guitar playing coolness….Kate who was my next door podium bestie, Leila who drove me back hanging from Wales, Merlissa for her honest chat, Flic and Kerry two beautful girls inside and out, Amy for keeping me laughing at The Gossip, Nicki and Leah who welcomed new girls with a smile, Maddy and Kelly who are bundles of fun and Kerrie who shared my hotel room and kept me up until 3am discussing boys, I could go on but everyone is just wicked! 

As far as the actual show is concerned…I can tell you all it really isn’t fixed!  I always get asked this and I can assure you, the first time we see those dudes is when they come down that Love Lift.  What we say on the show is all ad lib and unprepared, which makes the comments even more amusing. Oh, and Paddy is just brilliant.  Even funnier off camera and lovely guy in general. Thanks to everyone for bizarre/funny/weird/lovely tweets and fb comments and for anyone thinking about applying for the next series, DO IT!

Here’s some of my personal favourite memories:


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