BBC Confessions of a Sex Addict starring Jeff Leach and Nixalina

If you didn’t tune in to the documentary, fear not as TV invented catch up and playback, hooray!  It was extremely weird seeing myself on TV and talking to a man of my past, I found the whole experience rather surreal.
It was difficult to get to grips with emotions, especially as one minute he’s a comedian on stage making you giggle, then the next he’s in tears and really breaking down who he is in front of the nation.  To re-iterate, we definitely DID NOT have sex in any toilets!  He followed me in and I pushed him out, I can assure you!  It was edited to seem like we did have sex, but I AM NOT that kind of girl!

To watch the full programme, click here Confessions of a Sex Addict


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  1. Wil
    January 13, 2012 / 11:28 am

    That part about him following you to the toilet and locking the door was one of the points where i thought wow – this guy might actually a be serious player! As you said "not many guys have the balls to do that". I'd never even thought of it + probably wouldnt have the balls myself. Also your not believable when you say you didnt – in the docu you say "he used to" implying multiple times plus why would you push him away if you were already in sexual relationship with him?Your not that "type of girl" – lol wat type?

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