Bambi & Manson

Their mission statement: Making the World a Hotter Place…One Girl at a Time”

What they do: “We Make Hot Shorts for Hot Girls”

Ladies, it’s time to embrace your thigh-high short shorts brand – Bambi & Manson.

If you rock your own world, if you dare to be different and if you make a statement simply popping to the shops, Bambi & Manson clothing label is just what you deserve.  Originally based in London and now rocking the fashion capital Berlin, this company boasts of creating the perfect shorts that are custom made 501’s, with a vintage and punk princess feel to the collection.

You have the option of personal customization, and with shipping world wide there is no excuse not to bag your own.  If you’re a festival junkie, a Shoreditch raver or you love a simple pair of short denims and plain tee…this brand can create your ensemble dream.  No wonder then, that their fans already include Ellie Goulding, Amy Childs, Lauren Pope, Hed Kandi, Atlanta de Cadenet, as well as LA style icon Audrey Kitching.  With a price range of pre-made shorts that hovers around the £45 mark, you’re originality comes at a decent price too.  Here are my favourites from the range:

Easy Tiger and Cru-ci-fix Me

Ibiza and Stars ‘n’ Stripes

Want your pair now?  Go to Bambi & Manson


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