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Scogs Jewellery

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I have a new accessories brand crush.  Discovered through the delights of social media, in the depths of Twitter...I stumbled upon Scogs Jewellery.  Scogs Jewellery design original and unique pieces from clocks and cogs, to wear every day and cherish forever. Scogs is a unique brand that has taken foundations from the eccentric Steampunk style, and has redeveloped it to create original, intricate designs. Each piece is designed and hand crafted from vintage clocks and clock pieces with care and precision, to create exquisite and unique items to wear every day and cherish forever.


Still relatively new to the scene, stumbling upon this gem has made me so very happy.  I am not writing this feature to aid their promotion, or because they've asked me to, it is not because I know them, nor am I receiving a product to review and feel compelled to write up a decent feature.  No...I am writing this purely because I absolutely love what I see.  The simplicity of the concept combined with the imagination required to create jewellery from old clock parts and timepieces, and then the determination to see it through to create a brand... I am in awe.  What an amazing thing to do!  Yes it's has been touched upon before, but not with the flair and delicacy that Scogs have turned cogs and parts into beautiful jewellery for both men and women. The price points are pretty low too if you ask me, considering the effort and time gone into each handmade piece.  They're absolutely 'ones to watch' I promise you this...I predict big things.  I for one certainly plan to get my hands on at least one of their pieces....I am a big lover of anything 'vintage' with a kooky twist.  Scogs have this ideal down to a fine art. 

If you wish to bag yourself an item, they're currently available at Heart Gallery, Market Street, Hebden Bridge, Art and Soul, Burnley Road, Padiham, Water Street, Gallery, Water Street, Todmorden, Paper Doll, Back Swinegate, York, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester or purchase online via bo carter


Here are just some of the stunning pieces for you to adore too:














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