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Blue Jasmine Movie Screening

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I love a good movie preview screening – if you've never been to one, they're usually held in a beautiful hotel in central London, and after welcome drinks and canapés the guests are taken down to an intimate cinema screening room to relax and watch the movie. It's always a fun way to spend a mid-week evening and, obviously, you get to see the movie prior to it hitting national cinemas.

This time I was invited to watch Blue Jasmine. I am a big fan of Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin so jumped at the invitation. I took with me one of my best friends and Founder of Ginger Parrot. Upon arrival we were greeted with glasses of wine and vodka martinis, complete with a lemon rind twist, that matched exactly the same drink Cate is seen sipping throughout the movie – nice touch! Although I am ashamed to admit, the martinis were too strong for me. What has happened to me? Am I getting....OLD? The canapés were also delicious and we all know that once you have one mini burger, you have to have another 3. They're mini's totally okay.


Sometimes movies for private screenings can be a hit or miss, but Blue Jasmine was absolutely brilliant. I was gripped the whole time, and when it ended I turned to Emma and was like ' can't be the end?? NO!' which is always a good indication of the amount I enjoyed the film. Cate Blanchett was truly gripping; portraying the heart wrenching demise of a uber posh woman who marries into money and then has her whole world swept away from her, like a rug pulled from her feet. She loses everything, but tries to salvage her dignity throughout, and what unfolds is a beautifully tragic plot line. Alec Baldwin, who in my eyes always plays the Cad, showed off his great acting skills and infectious charisma and charm. I've never met him but I just get the impression he's that charismatic in real life. If he wasn't I'd be severely disappointed.


The whole evening was a delight and the movie is definitely worth a watch. It's not a movie filled with loud bangs, action, blood, gore, sex, or over-the-top CGI, but what it does so delicately is touch upon real lives and real issues. The relationships between husband and wife, between siblings, the reason behind mental health deterioration – Blue Jasmine explores all of these with earnest and depth. Watch it.

With thanks to ThinkJam for the invitation.


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