Sunday, 4 September 2016

Vlog: The Coke Head and The Crazy Girl

Sure, I appreciate there are A LOT of swear words in this vlog. It is 110% NSFW. However, sometimes you just got to really express yourself, you get me?

This is a little rant (okay, one huge rant) that I just needed to get out of my system. Mainly, because I'm kinda through with being called 'crazy' in a derogatory way when I've done nothing wrong. All will become clear when you watch...

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  1. My mate found this on social media and told me to watch it

    fucking cracked me up. You're HILARIOUS. I actual LOLLED.


  2. You're a frickin Queen.

    Any guy who doesn't treat you like one from the off needs his head checked.


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