Friday, 16 September 2016

Olivia Burton Watches at boutique.Goldsmiths

Watches are not just time keeping implements, oh no. They're the epitome of style. They're physical representations of who you really are. Quirky, classic, colourful, stylish, serious, corporate, creative...whoever you are, you can get the watch to match. That's why I screamed a little when boutique.Goldsmiths let me choose one from their wide range....of course I opted for an Olivia Burton.

This watch gives me life. It's the most beautiful watch I've ever had. When the parcel arrived I swear I couldn't open it fast enough. Olivia Burton watches are, as far as I am concerned, the perfect timepiece for the modern day stylish girl. From block colour to floral background to the awesome iconic 3D moulded bees. Being an animal girl, I had to have a bee watch. I went for the gold and black combo (there are many more options) and it's the best choice I've made since I went "screw the fuck boys I want to remain single". 

Let's say no more, just appreciate in all it's glory:


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