Thursday, 21 April 2016

Vlog - Why I'm giving Online Dating the middle finger

This is less of a Vlog, more of a rant. As you can tell by watching it...I'm kinda done with online dating. Seriously done. What actually is the point of sending me messages just to let me know you think I'm fake? What is the point of swapping numbers with me...just to whatsapp me and never want to actually hang out in real life? I don't get it. 

Please, feel free to watch the below and enjoy my moaning. And for more rants, I mean vlogs, click here and subscribe. 



  1. Firstly.....whoooosaaaa! Lol Unfortunately, this is the way of the world these days. The whole online environment has created emotionally stunted people who view online dating sites as a form of social interaction without ever intending to meet someone in actual, real life! Most of the time, like Instagram, it is used for stoking their self belief or confidence. For those of us using the apps in good faith, I feel your pain (except the whole 'being too good looking' thing, unfortunately!) but for what it's worth, I swiped right for you on Tinder! ��

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