Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lulu Guinness Launches Watch Collection

I LOVE Lulu Guinness. I love love love her. I love everything that she stands for, everything she creates and I love how she totally gets 'femininity'. For someone like me who loves a good ol' nod towards the more classical 1950's 'woman' with pearls and ruby red lipstick, she is so on-point it hurts. So you can imagine I got a little over-excited when I find out she's launched a whole new range of watches; to complete her jewellery and accessories collections. A quick spy at the time pieces and they're everything I expected from her and more. With creative use of her iconic lips, lipstick and cameo motifs they are serious arm candy any fashionista should aim to own.

Available online and in stores now, here's some of Sex & London City's firm favourites:

Black Leather Double Strap Watch £160

Red Quilted Lips Watch £160

Black Lulu Cameo Watch £150
Black and Red Leather Lipstick Watch £150

Rose Gold Bracelet Watch £195



  1. I love her too!!!!

  2. It is darling and designed very well. It feels very sturdy. I have really enjoyed my new leather hobo bags! I get complements on it all of the time! This bag is a perfect size, ideal for every-day use and keeps everything super-organized without looking too bulky, love them in


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